Snow Plow Services

During the winter, A-1 Services General offers parking lot and driveway snow plow and snow removal services. We are fully insured and bonded and have been clearing local Wilmington, Delaware parking lots and driveways for years. Our services will keep your parking lot clear of snow and will help keep your business accessible during this time of year.

When attending our client’s needs we strive to keep everything clean and even more importantly safe for the people who will be using the different facilities and/or installations where our work is being executed, whether that is a parking lot space, streets or the driveway in your residence we’ll always work with the utmost commitment to security and efficiency.

Our pricing is very competitive and we’ll always go the extra mile, we don’t only take care of the plowing, but we also take care of adding rock salt whenever it’s deemed necessary as well as clearing sidewalks and adding calcium chloride to them. The reason why we use calcium chloride in sidewalks is that it’s the safest bet and your security will always come first. Calcium chloride maintains its ice-melting capacities on temperatures as low as -25F as opposed to rock salt which works on temperatures as low as -7F hence why they are applied on different surfaces and for different circumstances.

With A1 Services General LLC you have the peace of mind of dealing with a highly competent and extremely dependable team of experts who have accumulated years of experience serving its local community.

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